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Pro-Lifers at UC Berkeley?
Our Mission

walk for life

As UC Berkeley’s pro-life student group, Berkeley Students for Life (BSL) recognizes the inherent and inviolable dignity of human life, from that of the unborn to that of the aged and terminally ill. We are dedicated to working within our campus and local community to put an end to abortion, embryonic stem cell research and euthanasia.

Since BSL is based at a prestigious educational institution, we see the need to educate our community about the truths surrounding offenses against human life. To that end, we facilitate and engage in intellectual discussion on relevant issues, challenging widely held relativist assumptions on the dignity of human life, the role of individual autonomy and society’s role in protecting human life. Through these means, we seek to convince hearts and minds of the horrors of the offenses against life. We desire to convert society so that it might be more receptive to a culture of life that fully recognizes the dignity of every human being.

Furthermore, we aim to form leaders that will encourage the development of a more just society grounded in the recognition of the inherent and transcendent value of human life. We seek to enter our respective professions armed with the knowledge and tools needed to uphold the dignity of life in every facet of society.

Also at the heart of BSL’s mission is its commitment to community service. We believe that socioeconomic circumstances do not justify the taking of human life, and we affirm that such difficulties can be overcome. To that end, BSL provides information to assist women facing crisis pregnancies and refers them to local crisis pregnancy centers that provide women with what they need to bring new life into the world. We also volunteer at local crisis pregnancy centers to help promote their mission to encourage the bringing of new life into our community.

Though the focus of our outreach is primarily local, we collaborate with other pro-life organizations from around our state and nation and are united to them by virtue of our common cause. As a member of California Students for Life (CASTL), BSL is an active participant in the development of pro-life student activism at the state level. We also collaborate with Students for Life of America in order to engage in the fight for life at the national level. As an organization that concerns itself with matters of great public relevance, BSL strives to do everything in its capacity to shape public opinion on relevant university, state and federal policies, as well as to influence said policies, so that these might more accurately reflect our vision for a world in which every human life is valued and protected.

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Things We Do:

– Diaper drives for student parents
– Babysit for student parents
– Create baby shower gifts for pregnant students
– Create midterm and finals care packages for student parents
– Flier to educate the general student body
– Bring pro-life speakers. Past speakers include: Rev Walter Hoye, Rebecca Kiessling, Serrin Foster, Dr. Vansen Wong, and Jennifer Lahl.
– Table on Sproul Plaza
– Make Valentines for mothers in domestic abuse shelters
– Advocate for resources on campus. (All diaper decks in campus bathrooms are the direct result of BSL lobbying.)
– Attend the Walk for Life in San Francisco every January
– Ribbon memorial for women lost to sex-selective abortion
– Attend the Walk for India’s Missing Girls in San Francisco


Things You Can Do:

– Join the Berkeley Students for Life (see the right sidebar)
– Educate yourself on all pro-life issues at: Abolish Abortion
– Volunteer at local pregnancy resource centers
– Contact your legislators about life: Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s DC office number is (202) 225-2661. You can also email her. If you call the office of the Honorable Barbara Lee, always leave your full name, address, and the HR you support or oppose. ALWAYS be respectful.
– Send a letter to the editor of the Daily Cal: Letters to the editor should be typed and must include signature and daytime phone number. Letters may be edited for space and clarity. To submit letters by e-mail, send them to opin...@dailycal.org.
– Wear pro-life t-shirts
– Offer to babysit for student parents at our Student Parent Center:  (510) 643 – 5729