Berkeley attends SF Walk for Life

Berkeley Students for Life joined the 50,000 person march through San Francisco early in January to mark the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade. The San Francisco Walk coincided with the March in the nation’s capitol which attracted over 500,000 participants.

UC Berkeley had over 20 students attend the March. Although the Stanford Students for Life group had more participants, Berkeley (of course) brought high quality students. Two BSL members, upper classman Alicia Perkins and freshmen Anneliise Rehn were quoted in an article. A BSL executive board member, was interviewed by KTVU.

BSL turned out several volunteers for the All-Star Team, and we met with other California Students for Life groups after the walk. Our members met other students from San Jose State, UCLA, Stanford, and other Universities. By meeting other university students with similar challenges, as well as walking with tens of thousands of other pro-life marchers, the 2013 Walk for Life was a true day of solidarity. As Alicia Perkins was quoted saying, “there are more pro-life people in Berkeley than people think.”

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