Debate: When are we Human Enough to Matter?

On November 1, Berkeley Students for Life, the Berkeley Universal Love and Peace group, and Stanford Students for Life co-hosted a debate. Berkeley Professor Malcolm Potts conversed with Mr. Scott Klusendorf on the topic, “when are we human enough to matter?” Each speaker is a renowned intellectual in his own right. Potts was the first International Medical Director for Planned Parenthood and is a Cambridge trained embryologist. Klusendorf is the president of the Life Training Institute, a prominent apologist, and the author of The Case for Life.

The room was packed with eager students and community members. Attendees stood, crowded on the floor, and spilled out into the hallways. Scott Klusendorf articulately defended the pro-life position, and tactfully showed images of abortion to complement his intellectual arguments. The questions from the audience showed skepticism of Pott’s position. In all ways the event was a success.

Many thanks again to our Stanford Students for Life and ULAP cosponsors. Thanks also to Intercollegiate Institute for assisting with funding for the event.

Special thanks to Jay Balza for pictures and film. You can see the complete debate below.

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