Introducing the first Pro-Life Training Session of the school year!

Come join us in 85 Evans Hall on September 16, 2013 from 7 pm-8pm for the first Pro-life training session of the school year!

Have you ever found yourself as the spokesperson for the entire pro-life movement, and not knowing what to say? Do you know how to begin talking about it? Do you avoid the topic of abortion all together?

It’s time for all of us, you and the people you care about, to re-evaluate your stance in the pro-life movement. You say that you’re pro-life, but ask yourself: why?

If you cannot answer that single question with clarity and conviction, how can we begin to think of helping other people realize what we stand for?

This is why, we, the Berkeley Students for Life, want to help YOU become the best Pro-Life advocate wherever and whenever you encounter situations like these.

We will be giving Pro-Life training sessions throughout the semester beginning this coming Monday, September 16, from 7-8pm in 85 Evans Hall.

Right now, we are planning a one hour sessions, once a month, during our meetings. Our main goal for this is to give you the basics of responding to common questions and arguments, but depending on the general interests and responses we get, we can tailor future sessions to your needs. We also plan to invite special guest speakers to learn more about their experiences advocating for life.

And! the best way to practice anything is actually doing it! Besides the every day subtle encounters with pro-choice advocates, we will give you plenty of opportunities to implement what we learn in the classroom in real conversations (e.g. tabling, sidewalk counseling, etc.)

We hope to see you there!

*Banner was taken from, a Pro-Life organization in New Zealand!

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