Love Babysitting? Help at the Student Parent BBQ this Saturday

This Saturday (August 25th), the Student Parent Center is having a BBQ, and we are babysitting to show our support! This is a great way to meet the people we will be helping throughout the year. The BBQ will be from 11-4 at Oceanview park at 900 Buchanan Street, Albany.

We will be meeting at the bus stop outside the Bank of America on Shattuck Avenue at 10:30 am. If you would like to arrive later, or have any questions, contact us at See you there!

More Information: The Student Parent Center is part of the Transfer, Re-entry, and Student Parent Center (TRSP) in lower Sproul. The Center provides a centralized multi-purpose campus space, where students can access resources, engage in informal study groups, share information, form lasting friendships, build leadership skills, celebrate achievements, recover from setbacks, exchange childcare, nurse babies and change diapers. See their website and like their facebook page!

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