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Blogging for Life! 0

Up and coming!

The Berkeley Students for Life is going to begin a weekly digest of Pro-life activity–whether on campus or off campus. So look out for BSL’s most recent undertaking! Stay tuned!

Berkeley attends SF Walk for Life 0

Berkeley attends SF Walk for Life

Berkeley Students for Life joined the 50,000 person march through San Francisco early in January to mark the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade. The San Francisco Walk coincided with...

Great Turn-out! Walk for India’s Missing Girls 0

Great Turn-out! Walk for India’s Missing Girls

Did you know that 160,000,000 women are missing? More people in Berkeley and San Francisco now know about sex-selective abortion,  thanks to several of our successful events. Many people believe that sex-selective...

Successful Diaper Drive! 0

Successful Diaper Drive!

Thank you all for your continued support of Cal’s Student Parent Center! BSL organized a diaper drive at the local Safeway on College, and collected boxes and boxes of free...

Successful Welcome Event 0

Successful Welcome Event

BSL threw our Welcome Week event last Wednesday at the Campanille Esplanade. We had a great turn out and got lots of sign ups for the upcoming semester. In addition to...